Trying some new projects!

Hey Ya’ll!!

I’ve been playing around with my home studio space so I can actually have things organized!!! My Dad helped me create a peg board for my tools and some papers!!

It’s on wheels and is double-sided! I bought the board and the hangers from a store that was getting rid of their fixtures and we got some 2X4’s to make the frame. It looks GREAT! It’ll definitely help keep things organized once I start getting my ink knives and rollers ready. It also is great that it’s on wheels so I can move it around until I find it’s final home πŸ™‚

For now, one side is for my clean items (rulers, brush, canvases) and the other is an inspiration side (my books, drawings and printouts)…also some sandpaper and drill bits are on the little bottom shelf ^__^) At least for now πŸ˜€

I started another project after I finished this little organization endeavor. I found one of the old wood shelves we had kept from our old kitchen that I had saved in hopes of making it a shelf in my studio. I just never got to mounting it or finishing it (I did get itΒ  cleaned and sanded a few years ago) so I decided to cover it in some old newsprints I had of my previous geishas. It looks pretty good so far!!

I haven’t finished finding pieces that I can cut to fit yet, but I like how it’s coming along. I like the idea that I’m putting some of my pieces INTO pieces around my studio space!! So excited about it ^__^

ModgePodge is addictive so I not only used it on this project today, I originally started using it again with my bike box!! I bought a $3 book organizer from Target and painted the outside with some acrylic and paint pens while the inside I ModgePodged with some Japanese Oragami paper πŸ™‚ Then I drilled some holes in the top-sides for some stretchy string to keep things inside the bed of the box and some holes in the bottom to then attach it to my bike rack.

So much ModgePodge XD and so much fun! Will post more another day when my studio is more organized…until then….

Please be safe in these scary times and take care!! ❀

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