What I did on Easter

I got to the studio a little after 11am this morning and started carving out my green layer. I also happened to find Fear The Walking Dead series online for free. A day full of carving and zombies commenced!!! And I do mean a FULL day. I left the studio around 4:45pm for a quick run to TJs because I needed human interaction, sad, I know… (Jeff was at the studio for a good portion of the day, but he was studying, couldn’t bother him XD)

I came back, cleaned up, finished my last episode, and finally left for good. It was 6pm. GYAHHHH!!!! Summary of my day:


Leave the leaves alone!!! (jk, can’t do that…they need to be green)


More leaves and vines


The leaves on her fan (oh! missed a spot..)


Finish the leaves and then on to her kimono!!

ERMERGER…it’s been a whole day and change and I’m still hurting from this XD Tired back, tired hands…tired brain from being zombie-fied….but hey, I caught up with the show and am ready to go!! (rhymed. heck yes.) Anywho, back to carving her kimono and getting ready for the next layer. The green has already dried!! YAYY!!! That was freaking quick…O_O

Green with envy!!!! (But not really…)

Finally back on track!! Sorry to everyone and myself for not getting things done these past few months. Life. ‘nough said, right? >__< Anywho, here is GREEN!!! Kind of a poopoo green if you ask me…but I think that’s just a shade that I like in my prints…XD as weird as that is…it’s true.



Color: “Wisteria Green”

I’ve noticed on a few of my prints that the registration is getting scarily off….O_O I’m a little concerned, but if I remain super careful, I think it’ll end up working out until the last few layers…we’ll see though. Fingers crossed!


The scariest and most unrefined nose job. Ever.


A very green kind of day…GREEN SNACKS!!! ­čśÇ

Now that I’ve printed the green on top of such a wonderful shade of┬álavender, I’m depressed…:( I really liked that layer…so sad that most of it got covered…BUT…!!!!




Not as much purple as I would’ve liked, but then again, it’s purple 1 of 2…So I am now carving for the darker purple!! YAYY!!!! >__< Oh gosh…Good thing: not much green needs to be carved in tiny detail. The vines, the leaves, a few places on her kimono. I’m still debating if I want to make the loops in the corners green or dark purple…I may just do both colors XD Why choose when you can have both?! Or not…we’ll see….It’s always a good idea to plan your ideas and colors before you start, I just need to get into the habit of following it…-__- dang it.