Hello Friends,

The beginning of this year has flown by…shoooot, the last two years have flown by. Quarantine and Covid have been a Sh*t show, but we do what we can! Get the vaccine and booster! They help!! I write this as someone who is both vaccinated and boosted who also got Covid O_O. BUT! The silver lining is now I have time to do some projects and write a post! So here goes:

I’ve been doing a few random prints as gifts as well as own personal projects involving animals/pets! Here are a few:

Haku (pet portrait of dog who passed away for friends friend)
My Zoey Dog ❤
Blaze Man

These are all two – three color reduction woodcuts! This gave me the opportunity to start doing commission projects(two of these were for friends who requested their own pets! DM for inquiries). I am currently working on a piece for the father of a friend (human portrait), but haven’t finished so I will not post!

Due to Covid regulations at my studio (as well as wanting to protect my fellow studio mates) I have not been in to work on said commission. Soooo I decided to try something different and stumbled upon resin art! I have discovered the beauty of making resin earrings and necklaces! Took a LOT of practice but here are a few of my favorites:

This is just the tip of the iceberg….and I really do mean just the tip. I have made SOOOO many…I’ll get to taking more pictures of them soon. Need to perfect lighting XD

Anywho, just a mini update on what is happening! Thanks for coming by!


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