Hello, Welcome!

Hi! My name is Alyssa M. Endo and welcome to my website. 🙂

A little bit about myself….I am a local artist on the Monterey Peninsula specializing in large scale reduction woodcut. I am a founding member of Open Ground Studio and graduate from the University of California, Santa Cruz, where I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art with a concentration in photography and printmaking.

As a printer and a photographer, I feel like I view the world through a lens of sorts…

I tend to look more for the details in life, the little things that not many people notice when going through their fast pace lifestyles. Like in darkroom photography, I like to believe that I can pick up these details and enhance the beauty in it. Rather than the colors distracting from the subject, it should be the smaller things in a composition that the viewer is drawn to.

But that is just one view of many in this ever changing world….and I want to act upon this. I still do photography as much as I can, but right now my main focus is on my Geisha Series. This body of work will follow along a similar path of finding the ideas behind each image and bringing them out to their full potential.

Feel free to ask me about anything and everything!! I will always try to answer to the best of my abilities ^__^ Thanks for visiting!!!!

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