Oh dear…

I have a lot of catching up to do…I’m so sorry….Sometimes I really hate instagram…(too easy to use if just doing pix…) BLEH.

First things first!!!

Geisha Redefined Flyer

All set and ready to go!!! Almost…still gotta frame, inventory, get business license, promote, set up, sell stuff….but hey!! Slow and steady!!!

For instance, right meow I’m doing my inventory…IMG_20160819_193528

All items are digital copies of my original woodcut prints; Top and bottom right are cards, available as a gift with ribbon if purchased in a set of four. Bottom middle are reusable bags, and bottom left are copies of the original print on 18×24 inch paper.

I’m tired…-_-zzzZZZZ but also very excited!! As you all know I started a new print:


First color is Yellow (not inspired by my new purse, just happened to be present @ the time of printing…)



Color 2: Kind of pink….o.O it was surprisingly supposed to be a light purple…oops…


Color 3: Blue (made the “violet” a more golden tone…not too opposed, I guess…)


Color 4: Green!!!

And this is where I am currently…Might try and print tomorrow, but am not quite sure which color to do next…I debated with myself over not just the layering, but on colors as well. I really wanted there to be a purple tone in the print, but I’m not too sure how well the red would lay on top of it…I mean technically the red is in purple…but I don’t know if it’ll do well after it…but I want it to be darker than the purple…and I thought the orange would be the “primer” before the red so I wanted to print that before it…but now I’m thinking I don’t need the orange…GYAHH!!!! *ramble ramble* *grumble* >__< I don’t know…I may just surprise myself and see what color I decide when I get there XD meh…-__- bad attitude, I know, but sometimes you just gotta “roll” with it…GET IT?! Roll like a ink roller?! FUNNY, RIGHT?!?!

Yup, I’ve officially gone crazy…..again….OKAY, BYE!!! Time to continue inventory-ing…:)

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