Hello from a changed world

Hi Everyone,

I am finally taking time to write on my website after being “away” almost two years…With everything that has been happening in the world lately and all the stress I’ve been under being an essential worker, I decided to take an extra day out of my week to work on just the art things and doing a little more self-care. This means printing, carving, and writing on this website (plus maybe a few mixed beverages and a refreshing “spa” face mask or two (speaking of, WEAR A DARN MASK WHEN YOU GO OUT!!! K, thanks BAI!)).

I’ve been working on a few new prints these last few weeks, one being for my friend as a birthday present and the other as an experimental project. I usually use a jig with pins when I print but this time I wanted to try a different way to register, the T and Bar Method, that I learned in college. I now regret this because the registration accuracy is not the best as the block can slide if you are not careful to physically hold it in place as it first starts going through the press. There is a slight kick-back from the press that can dislodge the paper and/or block from the original position you placed it in.

Here are a few photos to help explain the T and Bar Method:


The paper underneath the block and sheet of vinyl is a piece of newsprint that has been drawn on with sharpie outlining the placement of the block as well as the paper. Each of which has a line in the direct middle all the way down, lining up their centers from left to right. After you’ve set the pressure and inked your block, you line up the block with it’s outline on the press and then line up the left edge of the paper along it’s respective line as well.

After the left edge has been lined up, you “drop” the paper down and line it up with the right side centering line. You gently flatten the paper down with your hand to help keep it in place (wet ink + dry paper = good traction), run it through the press and you’ve got your print!


If you look closely it is slightly off on registration because of the many factors I mentioned before (human error, not enough traction, kick-back on the press…). I really prefer the method I’ve stuck with until meow. I mean, now. Which is the jig method.

Here are some photos of my latest portrait print that I finished for my friends birthday:

As you can see, the pins, the small ledges, and the snug-ness of the block within those ridges help keep the registration perfect (or close to). This is a small jig I had created out of some leftover mat board and wood glue for 4″x 6″ blocks and I can interchange the blocks whenever I switch projects. The results are great!

Anywho…that’s my opinion on T and Bar vs Pin Registration Methods! I’ve finished a post finally! 😀 I hope everyone stays safe and healthy and I hope to keep up posting every week!! I’ll be better about it….I hope and hope some more!! Okay, BAAAI!!

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