Herro!!!! Again…

Sorryyyyyy!!! >__< I’m sorry for not keeping my website as up-to-date as I should be…Let me explain; The benefits of having instagram: I don’t have to type much XD Plus I can post photos of tiny everyday carving things and not really have to have a reason for them…heehee

Anywho!! I have been working on my newest Geisha!!! It’s a cherry blossom one and I’m quite excited and happy with it thus far. I am now on color number…5? I printed number 4 “today” 🙂 But let me back up a bit; Here are some past photos of my print-in-progress:


Carved out the whites



Color number one: block and print



Curly Q



Carved out the places I wanted to keep yellow and then printed pink!!

At this point, I was starting to think that the color was more of a peach tone….I was…okay with that…Plus I didn’t really have a choice; I tend to stick with the color that I make right off the bat. I like to believe that the color that comes out was meant to be the color I use. Unless I can tell right away that the color will be too dark, then I change it. But like in my other geisha, I’ll just switch the color order instead of changing the color toooooooo much.

Moving on to the next color, number three: blue


Pink vs blue

Depending on lighting and the fact I ran out of ink part way through printing this layer, some prints have a more….grey-ish tone to them while others are more blue-ish. I think some of the prints may not have printed very evenly which led to more of the pink/yellow showing through hence more muted blue. I learned to kind of like how it came out. It gave it a more Japanese color scheme with the more muted colors, very mellow.

My next color was to be green:


Carving out the background

This part took forever….I knew it would, but then I went to fanime and got sick…so the process got stretched out to almost two weeks…it was supposed to take a week…or less…XD Nope! Didn’t happen.

But I’m glad it took so long. The results left me a bit speechless to be honest:


No more grey-ish blue!!

On the day that I went in to print this, one of the ladies at OGS (Open Ground Studios) asked what color was next. When I told her green, she was confused due to the fact that she believed I had already printed green. I told her that the previous layer was actually blue….she didn’t really believe me…That blue-ish grey was just not contrasted enough with the yellow and the pink to pop. That all changed with this color layer. She saw this print and agreed that the color before this one was most definitely blue XD WIN!!!! 🙂


Top left: The block; Bottom left: Block and paper before press; Right: Block and print after the press

I plan on printing my next color, a dark pink, hopefully tomorrow. I have to go pick up my new digital prints on Tuesday (I will be selling these digital prints for a lot less than my original pieces) and therefore probably won’t have time to print then…but I’m super excited 🙂

But anywho, I’ll do my best to keep my website up-to-date!! Stay tuned! 😀