Hello from the end of 2017!!

The finishing of 2017 means the finishing of another print! BAM!

It’s so hot off the press it doesn’t have a name!! O_O Again…but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy how it looks or how these detail shots look 🙂

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One of my favorite parts of this process comes with the first rollings of the black:


Everything at that point starts to come together and I can finally let out the breath that I have been holding the last couple of layers. For me, if I start getting frustrated with a piece and don’t like how certain colors are starting to layer, I keep telling myself, “Just wait for the black, wait for the key. Everything will be okay…” I kind of laugh when I think about my need for containing the colors in my prints. There must be some deep psychological meaning behind it, but I don’t know it yet XD That’s a scary thought…O_O

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Okay, BAAAAIII!!!!