Newest: Complete!!

Buuuut I have no title yet….I will have to update on that one at a later date….but here are a few photos of the newest completed Beauty!!


Japanese Maple Tree!! A symbol of peace, balance, promise and great blessings. Hmm…must think….>__< heehee

Anywho, while I process what exactly I wish to call this piece, here are a few close ups of the final printing process:


Close up details of block and final print


Just the black printed on white paper

And my absolutely favorite part, the BLOCK ITSELF!!!! YAAAS!!!


The “Key” Block

There is always so much character in the blocks themselves. I love watching them throughout the process as they change and slowly become uncovered. This final stage is the beauty hidden within the block, finally set free. Corny stuff, I know, but totally true. 🙂