Updated :D

My maple tree geisha print has a name!! “Tranquil Beauty,” a series of 14 prints 🙂 since it has been named I have been pretty busy getting my newest print completed….yeah, I know, I seem to only keep updating when I have a new print….but HA! I HAVE A NEW PRINT!!! XD Hot off the press today, she’s a beauty 🙂 Literally…


The “Key” Block!!! O_O

I’m so happy how this block turned out!!! YAYYY!!!! *collapses on floor* How draining and nerve wracking!! XD The results are all worth it though.

I will be showing the finalized print next weekend at the West End celebration in Sand City so come on by!! I will be a featured artist on Saturday the 26th!! This print along with my others will be available for purchase as originals as well as giclee prints. 🙂



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