The Key

Today is the day that I finally finished my Geisha of…like 8 months…ermerger…YAYYY!!! I don’t think it’s quite hit me that it’s done…o.O I skipped posting the printing of the maroon layer because I was frantic in getting it done (I had to go to work and only had ~1.5 hours to finish 16 prints…yeah…me cray cray…). In this post I have both the maroon and the “key” layer represented (if my phone will send me the photos I want of the maroon…they may just get posted later..XD)


With my new shirt instead of a black snack, I was ready! (I wanted to change “stuff” to a different “s” word…XD)

So with my block all ready and carved out, I printed my final layer!!


Hot of the press!!! Kind of…


My gorgeous Lady 🙂

You can’t tell from far away, but the registration was really badly off for the light lavender color on quite a few of the prints, if not all…eff-ing oops…sad panda on that…but from far away and squinty, it is FABULOUS!! Ermerger…after all that hard work, she’s finally done. Just don’t look too closely…XD

As for the maroon layer (my photos finally sent and I can get them uploaded):


Rolling the ink


Maroon!! 🙂

So now that I’m done with this geisha, it’s time to start planning out the next one…gyah! I’ve found out that the paper that I use, is limited. Well, obviously, but I mean the rest of the paper that I had originally bought about two years ago, was only partially prepared (meaning registration holes and double taped). The rest of the stack still in the wrapping was left untouched. DANG IT!! I forgot that I had stopped ~3/4 of the way through my paper while I was at the studio at UCSC prep-ing them. So now I have to figure out what to do next…I might have some prepared paper left in my garage, but that still doesn’t solve the problem I will eventually face. *sigh* anywho…gotta think up my next project and get it started once May hits. Not a lot of time…at least I get a few days to fret over what to do next…OKIES!! BAAAIII!!!


This is the final layer by itself. I kind of like the B/W…but I’ll probably watercolor the three I printed of these.

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